Microblading & Semipermanent makeup

Microblading Semipermanent makeup

Microblading uses a specific microblading tool that creates tiny precision hair strokes mimicking the natural direction and length of the individual eyebrow. Colour pigments are then implanted into the channels created by the micro blade. The sensation is similar to a tiny scratch but is not uncomfortable. Following treatment the area will look much darker than the colour chosen during consultation. This will fade in 4-7 days to reveal chosen colour. Treatment generally takes about an hour and the result is highly defined realistic looking brows.
Obviously before the microblading treatment a consultation takes place. This is normally done as part of the initial treatment. During the consultation the look you are trying to achieve is determined, the brows are drawn and will be adjusted until you are completely happy with what they are going to look like. Colour pigments will also be chosen during the consultation.

A second retouch appointment is needed 6-8 weeks after the first treatment. This is usually a 30-60 minutea appointment to add mor pigment to the brow area. This retouch is because as the area is healing some parts may not take as well and there are some patches that need more colour. This is completely normal as everybody heals differently.

The price includes consultation, treatment and retouch.

Treatment Prices

  • Microblading Eyebrows



Semipermanent eyebrows are suitable for those whose brows  have thinned with age, have been over plucked, are very fair or just to improve shape and look. Perfect eyebrows frame the eyes and give the whole face definition.

The first part is consultation to determine the shape of eyebrow and overall look required. The colour pigment is chosen and a skin test is carried out.

Using a specialist facial tattooing machine, the pigment is applied using very fine needles. Treatment takes about an hour and the colour is much darker than the colour chosen in consultation. This will fade after 4-7 days.


A retouch appointment is required 6-8 weeks after the first treatment. This is to add more pigment to the brow area. Prices for treatment include retouch.

  • Powder Brow

    Achieve a beautiful, defined brow shape with a soft powdered pencil look or a more intense look that looks slightly bolder.
  • 3D Hairstroke Brow:

    Achieve a natural hairstroke effect, with permanent makeup implanted in the form of tiny hair strokes mimicking natural hair growth.
  • Combination Brow:

    This is a combination of powder and hairstroke adding depth as well as hair to emulate natural hairs. This suits clients with little or no hair.
  • Colour Boost 12 -18 months

    Keep your brows looking refreshed and perfect
  • Colour Boost 18-24 months

    Keep your brows looking refreshed and perfect


Achieve the ultra precise liquid liner look 24/7. Expertly applied semipermanent eyeliner is the perfect solution, delivering professional makeup results that stay put and is swim proof, shower proof, doesn't run or smudge. Choose either top, bottom or both lids with a choice of a more subtle lash enhancer or alternatively a thicker and more conventional eyeliner. Whilst black is the most popular pigment colour there are plenty of other shades to choose from. Enhance your eyes and make the most of them. Semipermanent eyeliners are created from the finest medical grade mineral pigments which are hypoallergenic and perfect for sensitive eyes or contact lens wearers.

As with all semipermanent treatments, consultations must be carried out prior to treatment.
All prices include retouch 6-8 weeks after first treatment.

  • Lash enhancement/ subtle line. Top or bottom.

  • Top and Bottom.

  • Eyeliner Medium - Thick.

  • Colour Boost 12-18 months.

  • Colour Boost 18-24months.



Enhance lips by achieving beautifully shaped and tinted lips by creating a sharp border and an infusion of colour, giving you full sensual lips. It is a perfect way to restore shape and fullness lost with age and transform thin or uneven lips. Semipermanent makeup for lips is all about making lips even, creating an illusion of volume and ensuring the colour stays put so all is required is a dab of gloss or lipstick.
As with all semipermanent treatments a consultation is required to determine final results and choose colour pigments.
All prices include retouch 6-8 weeks after first treatment.

  • Lip liner.

  • Lip liner with blush.

  • Lip liner with full blush.

  • Colour Boost 12-18 months.

  • Colour Boost 18-24months.

  • Beauty Spot.


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