Cryotherapy means 'treatment using low temperatures'. It refers to the removal of skin lesions by a method of freezing. A wide variety of superficial benign lesions can be treated using Cryotherapy. Most common lesions are Actinic Keratoses ( areas of sun damaged skin found predominantly on sun-exposed parts skin of the body), viral warts, benign skin lesions, seborrhoeic keratoses and other benign skin lesions. Liquid Nitrogen is most commonly used in Cryotherapy and is applied to the skin by means of a fine spray to the affected area. There is slight local discomfort and stinging after the spray is applied. This discomfort lasts only for a few seconds. The frozen area of skin takes on a whitish colour and then the treated area darkens. Depending on the nature of the lesion more than one treatment may be necessary. Treatments are usually repeated at intervals as directed by the practitioner.

Over the following days, a scab may form and the treated lesion may become red and sore looking. This usually resolves over 1-4 weeks and the area then returns to normal, although a small change in skin colour may be evident for a few more weeks.

Due to the risk of damage to surrounding tissues treatments in close proximity to areas such as the eye have to be avoided. Treatment can take place on the face, scalp, or body depending on the type of skin lesion. It is possible to treat several areas in one treatment session.

It is essential that a correct diagnosis is made before treatment as suspicious lesions cannot be treated. These are more appropriately managed and followed up by the NHS or private medical healthcare.

If a lesion looks suspicious you will be advised to seek advice from a GP or Dermatologist.

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    depending on area and number of lesions treated

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